Black Eagle are requesting artists submit their Demo’s & Bi-og’s for the following styles;  

   R&B - Soul - Funk - Jazz - Blues - Rock - Country



Demo’s must be mp3 or Windows media, please include a photograph, contact telephone number, and a brief summary of your experience. We are building up a roster of new artists to promote on Radio / Live shows and TV, please be patient if you do not hear from us straight away, and be assured that we do listen to all demo material

Record Label based in Birmingham UK, dedicated to promoting artists and bands that  are serious about their music.

We have  over 40 years experience in the music business. We are passionate about encouraging talent within the West Midlands region.

we offer the following services;

Recording and mastering of your single or album, Video production and DVD for sale at your gigs, ‘LIVE’ recording  of your gig and editing and mastering of the audio for release as a live single or album.

CD cover artwork, poster design and merchandising of your choice. Promotion at local, national and worldwide venues. Placement of your music for inclusion on TV and Film.  

Promotion,Mixing,Drum Programming, Mastering services and release though our own label with with Worldwide distribution.

We are particularly interested in working with singers and musicians on collaborative projects where we can provide session musicians for recording or live shows.

If you are an unsigned act that wishes to work with a new label that is willing to put the time, commitment and effort into promoting and guiding your career then fill out the submission form on the contact page, send in your resume / bi-og and sample audio and we will review your submission and provide honest feedback. ………… so, let’s get Rocking !!!

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